Spring Organizing for Your Kitchen Space



It’s that time of year again where the flowers bloom, the weather warms up and we all clean our houses! Spring cleaning is a ritual in our culture - rituals are important to us and bring structure, predictability and a sense of control to our experience. We are all for formalizing spring organizing as a annual ritual – here are some great ways to get your kitchen space updated and clutter free for the new season!

Clean naturally! By replacing traditional chemical cleaning solutions with natural ones, you will help the environment both in and outside your home by limiting dangerous chemicals released on the planet and the air quality indoors will improve as well.

Release the plastic! Remove and recycle plastic storage containers from your cabinets and replace with metal or glass items that have a longer life, are recycleable and don’t leach harmful chemicals into your food. 


Deep clean - Go through your kitchen once a year and do a thorough clean  -  wiping out shelves and drawers. While are you doing this task, take an inventory of all your culinary items and what you no longer use or love, release and make room for new. 

Dish towel edit - Take a couple of extra minutes to take stock of your dish towel collection and get rid of anything that doesn’t make the cut. It always feels good to add fun dish towels so leave space for the new to come in!


Clean your appliances! Spring is a good time to do a clean out of all your appliances. Keeping your equipment clean will help keep debris from building up, which can cause issues for you down the road. If you make it a habit to clean regularly, you will reduce the risk of equipment failure and prolong the life of your appliances.

Declutter your countertops - Take a visual inventory about what’s on your kitchen countertop and as well as your reaction. How does it make your feel? Are there too many items stored out and in sight? Are there any messy spots? Check in with your space and see if you can contain any items out of sight that aren’t used regularly. Address any clutter or areas that cause you issues or concern as needed.

Spring is a favorite season for many people - take some time to cleanse your space and make room for all this time of year has to offer. You will be glad you did!

Happy Spring, everyone!

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