2022 Kitchen Trends

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Color: White kitchens will continue to dominate in 2022 but adding more colors to this palette rather than just 100% white is a trend we’re seeing ahead. Black kitchens will continue to be popular as well with their sophisticated and moody vibes. 

As far as color goes, blue will stick around and become classic, but we see green also making a big splash this year! Scandinavian-inspired soft neutrals, as well as pops of peach, will all be trending in 2022.
Built-in Dining Tables and Banquettes: With everyone spending more time at home in the transformation to living/work spaces due to the pandemic, people are asking for more comfortable places for both. This build-in trend comes with the perks of providing additional storage opportunities and gathering space to promote the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Hidden Storage: While upper cabinetry design trends continue toward minimizing and/or disappearing, people still need to store their kitchen items. Organizing and storing everything out of sight will become top of mind in 2022. 

We are increasingly designing appliance garages, coffee stations, and wine areas to be hidden behind closed doors. Since everyone is spending so much time at home, people are more driven than ever to create calm and peace in their living spaces by getting rid of the clutter.


Minimalism: Kitchens in 2022 and beyond will continue to be simplified, tidy, and organized. Designs favor organic textures with free-flowing curves and geometric shapes working in tandem to bring harmony and balance to kitchen design.

Technology: Expect kitchens to fully embrace technology and smart functionality in 2022. You’ll see more touch-to-open, automatic cabinetry, app and voice-controlled smart appliances, and other features in the kitchen.


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Hold the hardware: To further the minimalism in kitchens, you’ll see less hardware in 2022. Slab front door and drawer styles enhance this simplified approach to cabinetry. Knobs and pulls tend to catch the eye so the idea is to let the focus be on cabinetry design, materials, and other elements.


Wood | walnut + white oak: Walnut and white oak both have beautiful linear grains and on-point tones which will continue to be popular for 2022 kitchens. Walnut’s naturally rich color is neutral, making slab-front walnut kitchens a favorite going forward. With white oak, walnut’s lighter counterpart, it’s also neutral and gorgeous in color with an entirely modern feel and richness, creating an on-trend palette for a timeless design.


Natural Materials Natural materials such as stone and cement are showing up in neutral colors. Their charm is in directing attention to other elements of the design and keeping it on the minimal side while creating a warm, inviting texture.

They open a world of possibilities and let the beauty of simplicity and nature shine through.

European Style: Also known as frameless cabinets, European-style cabinets are clean, simple, and seamless compared to their American face-frame counterparts. The cabinet doors go from edge to edge so the frame behind is concealed from view.

Another kitchen trend that we’ve borrowed from Europe is open shelving for upper cabinetry. We will continue to see open shelves and a mixture of open and closed uppers, which creates a more spacious feel and adds visual interest to the kitchen space


Drawers & Doors: The use of wide drawers instead of the standard cabinets for things like dishes, pots, and pans will continue to trend in 2022. Many people find it much simpler and ergonomically efficient compared to cabinets with doors and shelves. 

Drawers allow for more customization to organize storage space according to your needs. The updated drawer storage configuration is neat, organized, and, most importantly, easier to lift a stack of plates up and out rather than reaching up to bring your items down



Multiple Cabinetry Finishes: Mix-and-match isn’t just used in eclectic designs these days. The best kitchen palettes offer multiple material finishes even in the most neutral or subtle designs. Today’s options offer a way to mix it up to create more interest and design opportunities.


Creative Lighting: Another 2022 trend is adding lighting to cabinetry design—underneath, within, and above the cabinets. Lighting is one of the simplest ways to add both functionality and ambiance to your kitchen design. In the kitchen and bath spaces, you can never have too much lighting.


Kitchens as Multipurpose Rooms: This trend can also be called “Kitchens that don’t really look like kitchens.”

Our homes need to function well in a variety of new ways.  Our clients are requesting more multi-functional kitchen designs. People naturally spend time together in and around the kitchen, so we make sure our designs reflect these new needs. 

Trends include strategically placed outlets underneath the bar so everyone can easily work from home, charging stations, and entertainment in the kitchen space. Another trend is concealing appliances, large and small, within the kitchen design. Today’s kitchen doesn’t always end up looking like the kitchens of the past!


A Happy, Healthy, and Trendy 2022

We hope this roundup of the trends inspires you to look at how your space might better fit your needs. At LAVISH, we are driven by a strong commitment to your well-being. Our aim is to support you in creating a life you love.

Click here to schedule a visit with a professional designer to talk about how to fuel your family from an elegant modern kitchen and support the healthiest environment for your home and the earth. 

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