How to Make Your Kitchen More Romantic

Opting for a cozy Valentine's Day at home? Here’s how you can easily and quickly turn up the romantic vibes in your kitchen space for this special occasion or any day!


stephanie-klepacki-WE3liwYIv0M-unsplashTurn down the lights - Somewhere between 230 and 440 lumens is an ideal setting for soft lighting for a romantic night at home.  Warm light works best. To achieve this, we recommend having dimmers on all kitchen lighting.


Clear out the clutter -Research shows us that our physical environments significantly influence our mental processes, emotions, and our relationships. Declutter your space to de-stress your environment.


Dine with candles - Create ambiance with a candlelit meal. Candlelight calms the mind, improves mood, and stimulates memory. Don’t use scented candles though, as they can interfere with the taste of the food and wine.



Add some 

flowers - In a 

Harvard study examining the impact of flowers on mood, researchers found that participants with flowers in their homes experienced increased happiness and compassion compared to those who did not. But you don’t need to be a scientist to know that your room will instantly feel more inviting and warmer if you add flowers - and your special guest will be sure to notice.


Play music - Not only does music set the tone, but did you know music also affects our emotions? For example, upbeat music causes our brains to produce chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which evoke feelings of joy, whereas calming music relaxes the mind and the body. Be sure to choose the right music to set the romantic vibe for your fun night at home.



There are so many ways to add romance to your kitchen space.  LAVISH your loved ones with those special touches and make the day special - no matter what day you're celebrating.


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