Inspired Cabinetry for the Modern Home

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LAVISH Manufacturing Facility-

Welcome to Where the Magic Happens!

You’ve probably been hearing about supply chain challenges in many industries with Covid-related labor shortages and unanticipated high demand. Supply chains can be a challenge in our industry in the best of times. In this time of unprecedented business challenges, our local, state-of-the-art production facility has allowed us to deliver for customers without fail. LAVISH is proud to own and operate the most advanced European panel processing production facility in Central Texas and its positive impact on our abilities to serve the market on time and on budget!


There is no doubt that our many years of experience have taught us that we must always be prepared with a focus on the future for both new opportunities and new challenges as well.


In addition to having local production capabilities, having a great network of trusted supplier relationships, creativity, and experience helps too. We are proud of our team’s ability to overcome obstacles to get our projects done and we now have 10 cabinetry installation technician teams in the field! Our central Texas factory has recently expanded, and we’re welcoming tours for our prospective clients and trade partners.


We invite you to get to know our team, products, and services!


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Cutting Edge New Designs for 2022

Our European vendors have carved out new victories in design, technology and finish options.

Here are a few of the highlights for 2022:

  • Pisa - TEAM 7 is breaking new ground with this piece combining the appeal of pure, solid wood with modern office features. The diagonal lifting column is both a design feature and an innovative piece of technology, allowing the desktop to be electrically adjusted to any height from 26 – 45 inches.


    Your Pisa desk can be adapted to the nearest millimeter, for use in a sitting or standing position. The tabletop automatically moves forward slightly as it rises, with a flush-fitted, magnetic cable outlet that conceals the cables elegantly into a hidden channel with a 6-way power socket board.


    There is an optional, flush-fitted, media flip top with dual power point USB chargers for mobile devices. Other options include a top unit that includes a storage shelf and an additional LED light strip illuminates your work. Feel free to add an almost invisible drawer for extra storage space. Visit our design studio to choose the fabric or leather you like best. You might be surprised! 

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New Kitchen Models From Italy!

Our pick from the fresh offerings of the modern line of ecological kitchens of timeless  beauty and enduring function:


AL 32- Featuring essential lines, extreme brightness, and pleasant harmony between furniture and environment, the AL 32 kitchen transcends boundaries, transforming itself into a real system of a thousand compositional and aesthetic combinations from which to choose.


Programma Lab

Today’s kitchen cabinetry offers you freedom of expressing your style through composition without compromise. Wood finishes with slightly chromed reflections and surfaces with oxidized, metal or fabric aesthetics create on-point combinations that mix shades and materials for the essence of modern customization.



At LAVISH, we are driven by a strong commitment to your well-being. Our aim is to support you in creating a life you love.

Click here to schedule a visit with a professional designer to talk about how to fuel your family from an elegant modern kitchen and support the healthiest environment for your home and the earth. 

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