Make 2022 the Best Year Yet - How to Reach Your Goals!


The hardest part about reaching your goals is cultivating discipline. The key is maintaining the daily actions needed to achieve your dream! 


Here are some ideas to help:


LAVISH goals

Set your specific goal 

Clearly define what your goal is and what you’ll do each day specifically to achieve it. For example, if you set a goal to improve your health, will you exercise every day? At what time each day and how long? If there aren’t specifically-planned action steps, then reaching your goals will be more challenging and less achievable.


Plan a new routine 

Update your daily routine to support your goal by scheduling the action steps and sticking to your plan daily. It may be challenging at first but it will soon become second nature! The discipline of following the same daily routine will propel you as you improve your daily habits and eventually reach your goals.



Choose your goal, plan carefully, and commit yourself to achieving this goal. Find ways to support your daily commitment to yourself through journaling or calendaring your processes and achievements. 


Every single day counts

Don’t deviate from your daily plan! It is these little consistent steps over time that are going to get you to the finish line. You will need to put in the effort to reach your dream!



Address your thoughts

The same old thinking will yield the same old results. Become mindful of your thought patterns and question them. Am I viewing life through a positive or negative lens? Where did this thought come from? Is it true for me? Becoming aware of each thought throughout your day can bring positive changes to your experience. 


Overcome your resistance

The struggle is real! Know that your body and brain may do everything it can to resist change and growth. It’s natural for us to feel lazy and undisciplined—but also that you have everything it takes to be triumphant! Know it’s not actually laziness—it’s your brain conserving energy that can add to this conflict, which means it’s a physiological response as well! 

Reaching your goals can be a simple process and most people quit too early. The key is to cultivate discipline and remain steadfast! Your persistence is what will get you to your ultimate destination - the life of your dreams.


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