BEFORE & AFTER: The Perfect Kitchen Upgrade for Him and Her

With kitchen remodels continuing to be so popular as people are spending more time at home and around the dinner table with family, one of the most common challenges is to incorporate the taste and preferences of husband and wife.


It can be done! Customizing the cabinets makes it easy with kitchen cabinets that fit any space and style. We were excited to get the details from Chris Browarski of CCB Designs on just how she did that for a kitchen in Great Hills.

LKB: What was the vision of the space?  

CB: The kitchen had builder-grade dark oak cabinets with burgundy 4x4 tile countertops.  The space was in dire need of being updated into the 21st Century.  It also needed  more functional lighting.  The exterior and remaining parts of the home are more traditional, so we created a program of more traditional elements - Shaker door fronts, natural materials in the granite and travertine backsplash - and paired these elements with more contemporary accents of graphite and leather.

LKB: What was important to the client? 

CB: The husband and wife had differing tastes: He wanted contemporary lines and she wanted traditional design elements that would remind her of her Columbian roots. This combination of traditional cabinetry with black stainless appliances and contemporary light fixtures gives this home a welcoming ambiance and personality. The home features an effortless layout that, combined with the resulting transitional style, gives it a cohesive flow from room-to-room.

LKB: How did you incorporate that into the design?  

CB: We selected the LAVISH kitchen cabinets ‘Eva’style with the distressed wood finish “Decape Ghiaccio" in order to bring in a warm, welcoming layer to pair with the more contemporary black stainless appliances and contemporary lighting selections.  The selections balance both masculine and feminine attributes for a clean and inviting design. 

LKB: What's your favorite feature of the kitchen? 

CB: This kitchen remodel has an elevated yet approachable farmhouse feel. I could imagine serving wine and charcuterie on a hand-hewn wood serving platter to several guests around the newly-extended island.  I think it's a testament to how well it came out that you can imagine yourself in the space.


LKB: As an Interior Designer, what's your best tip for remodeling your kitchen?  

CB: Make a thorough plan with a detailed scope of work. My remodels are developed with an efficient process for my homeowners and contractors.  The homeowners are involved with the plan to solidify their expectations.   If everything is planned out, the contractor can provide a more accurate estimate as well as have a solid grasp of the scope of work and timeline.  Win - Win!

Feeling inspired?

Using your design or ours, build a kitchen that’s exactly what you want with the right materials for your project. Create cabinets that match your home’s unique style and turn your kitchen into a modern masterpiece. Call today to set up your own consultation to see how to bring your ideas to life.

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 2.29.59 PMChris focuses on casually-elegant design that benefits her clients' lifestyle and budget. Chris believes in making a house into a home with beautiful color, inspiring artwork, and comfortable furnishings, all without 'breaking the bank.' Chris has created solid relationships with several local companies including LAVISH kitchen & Bath, artists and craftspeople, minimizes outsourcing and has a 'shop local' philosophy.  p: (512) 626-0492

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