5 Best Swimming Areas in and Around Austin


The summer may be ending but the heat remains relentless across the Texas Hill Country. Luckily we have some of the best swimming holes to cool off in and turn any day into a peaceful staycation.

So if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen and escape to one of these great swimming areas around the Austin area!

barton-springs-2021-08-29-14-26-48-utcBarton Springs Municipal Pool is a three-acre, naturally spring-fed pool located along Barton Creek at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. The popular swimming hole ranges in depth 0'-18' and has lifeguards on duty. The water remains a refreshing 68-70 degrees, but it won’t take much convincing to take the plunge in the beautiful clear water. Bring a blanket and sunbathe on the grassy hillside or explore the grounds' natural wildlife (you might even see the endangered Barton Springs Salamander!)


Rio Vista Park in San Marcos allows a great mix of natural water watering holes and a man-made pool to beat the heat. Rio Vista Pool boasts a splash pad, ADA accessibility, and lawn chairs to lounge on. The park allows instant access to the San Marcos river where you can lounge on beaches, swim, kayak, and paddleboard. If you’re looking to explore more of the city’s waterfront, rent a tube and enjoy the hour-long float from City Park to Rio Vista Park.


hamilton-pool-2021-08-26-16-02-32-utcHamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool in Travis County and the breathtaking result of massive erosion involving an underground river. While water access is limited due to the risk of falling rock, the preserve's shaded trails and stunning grotto are a paradise in themselves. Reservations to Hamilton Pool Preserved are limited and required.


Krause Springs is a beloved Hill Country camping and swimming mecca nestled off the Colorado River just west of Austin. Made up of over 32 natural springs with natural and man-made pools, Krause Springs is a perfect weekend getaway for those looking for a chill place to pitch a tent or park the camper for the weekend.


child-playing-in-swimming-pool-2021-08-31-22-17-42-utcDeep Eddy Pool is a historical Austin landmark filled to the brim with over a century of memories. Built in 1916 on the banks of the Colorado river beside the original namesake swimming hole, Deep Eddy remains Texas’s oldest man-made swimming pool. The pool is fed from clear cold springs, free of chlorination, and remains open daily thanks to renovations in 2012. The pool features lap swimming, a wading pool, and a series of movie nights during the
summer months.


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